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Iris Network

The Interchain Service Hub​

Welcome to Iris, the interchain service hub designed to facilitate the next generation of distributed business applications.

Iris focuses on integrating business services, providing an infrastructure that allows for seamless communication across multiple blockchains.


πŸ” Validator address: iva1563p28q6qthzsq86jnywd5a8y8put33tqukl8d

πŸ“Š Chain Parameters​

πŸ“ˆ Parameter🎯 Value
🎁 Reward rate (APR/APY)7.47% / 7.76%
πŸ’° Commission8% of the reward rate
πŸ”’ Minimum tokens to stake1 IRIS
⏳ Unbonding period21 days
❌ Slashing for downtime0.01%
πŸ’₯ Slashing for rogue nodes5%

🌐 Wallet Choices​

Iris is supported by multiple wallets, including Keplr, Ledger, and Cosmostation.

🏁 How to Stake​

Open the web version of Keplr wallet, and click on the Stake button. Nothing more !

🚨 Always keep some coins to pay fees with. Never stake your entire wallet amount. Without money for fees, you can’t make any transactions!

πŸŽ‰ Congratulations, you’ve just delegated IRIS!

❓ FAQ​

What are Iris staking reward rates?

The current rate is 7.00%, taking into account our validator commission of 8%.

Are there any risks when delegating?

Slashing is enabled, meaning any validator misbehaving can lose a portion of their tokens, plus the delegated ones. In case of prolonged downtime, the slashing amount is 0.01% once. In case of double sign, it is 5% and the validator is forever banned.

How does Iris service fee work?

The protocol automatically pays a commission to all active validators participating in the minting of new blocks. It is a percentage on all rewards earned related to the staking power of each validator.

Can I vote on governance proposals?

Yes, all users with staked tokens can vote on any proposal using Keplr or another wallet. Validators are able to cast votes on behalf of their delegators, but the votes of the users override them.