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Referral Program

The referral program gives you the opportunity to earn extra $IBEX by onboarding new users.

How it works

  • You will be attributed a unique code that you can provide to new users.
  • Upon registering to the IBEX Loyalty Program, these users can submit this code.
  • The referral will activate as soon as they have staked at least $500 worth of tokens across our eligible nodes and can therefore start earning $IBEX points. At this point:
    • The referree will have a 10% bonus on his daily IBEX during 30 days
    • The referrer will get 10% of the user's IBEX for 30 days, then 5% for 30 additional days, then 1% of the total daily IBEX earned by his referrees, forever.

Existing users: How to get your referral code

  • Contact us directly.
  • Be advised however that this program is meant for large affiliates that will build and develop their community of users. If you intend to bring only a handful of users, your long-term benefits will likely be very low unless these users are "whales".